About Minerals Department

About AJ& K Mineral Department


  • AJK Government established Department of Industry, Commerce, Labor, Sericulture and Minerals Development in 1954.
  • Minerals section was initially included as a wing or part of the Industry Department with only four Officials, i.e. Assistant Director, ¬†Royalty Inspector ¬† Surveyor and a Chainman/Peon.
  • In 2002, GoAJK established Department of Mineral Resources (Licensing Division) vide Notification No.3326-35 dated 10th July 2002.


To envisage fundamental improvements for exploration, exploitation and development of minerals through Public / Private sectors for socio economic uplift and poverty alleviation of the people of Azad Jammu & Kashmir along with the strengthening of department, removing infrastructure bottlenecks, encouraging investment and developing skills and knowledge through training and workshops. To provide favourable environment for the growth of mineral sector of the Azad State of Jammu & Kashmir locally and internationally competitive industries inducing income & employment generation.


  • To expand mining sector by focusing on discovery of minerals.
  • To enhance public sector investment for exploration, resource mapping and development of GIS-data base for minerals.
  • To create jobs opportunities for the people of AJ&K.
  • To enhance the contribution of mineral sector to GDP.
  • To shift from traditional regulatory functions to those of a facilitator.


  • To grant the Mineral Titles (Exploration & Mining Permits, Mining Leases) in the State.
  • To supervise the Licensing/Regulations of the Mineral Titles/activities in the State.
  • To regulate the safety of mine work force.
  • To regulate the labor regulations in the mineral sector.
  • To improve data base of State mineral resources.
  • Sustainable development of mineral bearing areas.
  • To attract local and foreign investment in mineral sector.
  • To provide advisory services to Mineral Title holders.