Procedure for Grant of Minor Minerals through Auction:

  1. Minor Minerals includes all types of fluviatile deposits in the form of pebbles and naturally rounded rock pieces occurring in loose or compact form like ordinary sand, ordinary stone and gravel used as a building material etc.
  2. Minor Minerals are granted through auction under Azad Jammu & Kashmir Minor Mineral Concession Rules, 1994 for 2 years by a committee constituted under said rules.
  3. Blocks of the minor minerals are advertised in newspapers.
  4. Applications on prescribed Performa along with;
    1. Call Deposit
    2. Proof of financial capabilities (Bank statement)
    3. NTN Certificate
    4. CNIC
    5. In case of firm/company, certificate of registration, partnership deed, Memorandum & Articles of Association.

Auction Committee:

1 Director Mineral Resources. Chairman
2 Deputy Director Mineral Resources. Member
3 Assistant Director Mineral Resources. Member / Secretary
4 (Senior) Geologist AKMIDC Member
5 Section Officer, Industries Member
6 Assistant Commissioner (Relevant District) Member

Present Mineral Concession (Minor Minerals):

8 Mining Leases/Pattanama are granted for minor minerals.